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Welcome to the blog for Nelson and Son Construction Service.  Within these blog articles, you’ll find insight into the construction industry including residential new construction, steel building construction and general contractor insights.

New home construction Nelson & Son Construction Service Denver CO

Kind words from customers

There is nothing more satisfying than receiving heartfelt thanks from customers. We also believe there is no better way of assessing the true value of any company. Here are half-a-dozen quick comments from customer testimonials… ‘…left my house cleaner than it was before they started’ ‘They even re-routed cabling that had been wrongly routed’ ‘My…
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New home construction contractor

A key early step in your custom home construction

Think about how important positive relationships are in all areas of your personal or work life. The same is certainly true for a custom home construction project. Having a firm foundation is as important in your relationship with your contractor as it is in the build itself. You want to choose a company who will…
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Steel building construction to match existing

Steel yourself for no maintenance

One of the most delightful advantages of steel buildings is the maintenance aspect. In short, there is nearly no maintenance necessary! If the exterior walls of your steel building get dirty in a dust or wind storm, or some other offbeat way (paint balls? pigeons?) – simply use a strong hose or power washer for…
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Finding the perfect general contractor for your retail project

Finding the perfect general contractor

When beginning your search to find the perfect contractor, always have a plan and a couple of ideas on what you want. This makes it easier to estimate a price, so your not completely surprised when the contractor gives his two cents. Also, if your contractor is too busy to start right away, that may…
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steel building contractor in colorado

3 Types Of Steel Buildings

Constructing a steel building has many advantages over traditional type buildings. Such as being resistant to corrosion, pests, and fire. Also, insurance premiums often get discounted due to their strength and resilience. Arch This type is a self-supporting structure with no trusses, columns or beams. The downfall is arch buildings are limited in size. Single…
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Steel buildings are great for auto repair shops

Are steel buildings safe in Colorado?

Steel construction creates particularly safe buildings that stand the test of time. They can survive some of Colorado’s harshest weather conditions and natural disasters. For instance, severe floods have affected certain parts of the Centennial State. Luckily, metal won’t absorb water. It’s also relatively easy to clean and dry. This prevents harmful mold growth. Steel…
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Steel buildings for barns and stables

The History of Steel Usage in Construction

If you visit most construction sites, you will find out that most builders are using steel. In fact, the construction industry has been identified as the largest consumer of steel. So, how did people begin to utilize this material to bring up buildings? Steel was first used in construction during the industrial revolution. It was…
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colorado custom home under construction

Why you should consider steel buildings for your new home

The use of steel is becoming more and more popular among builders. The reason for this popularity is its durability. Steel buildings are more secure than those built with other materials. Apart from steel being light, it can also withstand most natural disasters. Steel can also enhance the beauty of a building because it comes…
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Custom home builder in Denver

Should I Renovate My Existing Home or Build a New Custom Home?

You are ready to make a change in your home. You come to our builders at Nelson and Son Construction Service in Denver and ask us, should I renovate my existing home or build a new custom home? First of all, you’ve come to the right place. We can sit down with you and discuss…
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Steel building contractor in colorado

What Are the Common Types of Steel Buildings?

Our construction experts at Nelson and Son Construction in Denver understand the popularity of the 5 common types of steel buildings because they aren’t just for warehouses anymore. In fact, steel buildings are versatile and durable options for all kinds of purposes. Pre-engineered steel buildings can protect against high winds, snow, and seismic activity by…
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