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Welcome to the blog for Nelson and Son Construction Service.  Within these blog articles, you’ll find insight into the construction industry including residential new construction, steel building construction and general contractor insights.

Foundation being built by Nelson & Son Construction Services

Could General Contractor be a movie star?

You’d probably imagine a war movie; and the general is a key character. You’d notice a no-nonsense personality, getting straight to the point, keeping clear control over all their troops. To some extent, isn’t that very little different from how you’d want a general contractor to perform for your commercial project? You’d want them to…
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Custom home builder in Denver

A custom home builder vs. a production home builder

Are you yearning to live in a house designed as per your expectations, that is truly one-of-a-kind? A custom home builder can make this dream a reality by listening to your ideas before beginning the building project and getting your input along the way. It’s essential to understand the differences between a custom home builder…
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Custom kitchen remodeling contractor in Denver

A home as unique as you

The place you call home will always be special, so why not build one to fit your every need? Here are some ways a custom home builder can make your dream come true: Solve mobility issues by designing functional single floor living with wider doors and hallways. Create unique spaces and rooms for you to…
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Steel building construction for agriculture buildings

Do steel buildings need insulation?

Your company needs extra space! You could rent a facility, expand with expensive traditional additions, re-locate to a bigger place…OR you could look into a quick and efficient expansion using new metal buildings constructed on your property. If you plan to use the buildings for daily employee use or to store items requiring specific climate…
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Steel building construction for commercial spaces

How to steel yourself for expansion

Whether for business or office expansion – or if you are looking for more space around the family home – steel constructions are an increasingly popular way to go. They can provide more barn space on a farm, stabling for horses, or a satisfyingly large garage on your property. In the commercial world, steel structures…
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General contractor

So much to think about preconstruction

There are many areas to consider long before the physical start of a building project. For example, the scope of the project itself needs to be clearly defined. Then the wide array of different costs needs to be accurately estimated. The proposed site also needs a clear evaluation. Other checks are likely to include the…
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Steel building construction for retail spaces

Tips for building your commercial property

Building your commercial property will take a lot of time, money, and effort. You must be patient as your project can be delayed by contractors, cost overruns, and permits. Luckily, with adequate planning, you can avoid certain unforeseen events for a smooth construction project. For instance, make the right financial projects to avoid money drains…
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Steel building construction for commercial spaces

3 simple steps to commercial property construction

Commercial property building processes might look overwhelming to you but they’re fairly simple when approached systematically. Below are the three most important stages that every contractor must follow to make the project a success: Planning and Design: Planning and design are the most important of the three stages. They involve choosing the site and designing…
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New home construction Nelson & Son Construction Service Denver CO

Kind words from customers

There is nothing more satisfying than receiving heartfelt thanks from customers. We also believe there is no better way of assessing the true value of any company. Here are half-a-dozen quick comments from customer testimonials… ‘…left my house cleaner than it was before they started’ ‘They even re-routed cabling that had been wrongly routed’ ‘My…
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New home construction contractor

A key early step in your custom home construction

Think about how important positive relationships are in all areas of your personal or work life. The same is certainly true for a custom home construction project. Having a firm foundation is as important in your relationship with your contractor as it is in the build itself. You want to choose a company who will…
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