Land Development Services in Arvada

At Nelson & Son Construction Service, we provide professional land development services in Arvada. Our team can take on all parts of the land development process. If you recently bought some land and want to develop it for profit or your personal use, contact us today to get started.  

New home foundation being built by Nelson and Son

Our land development services include preconstruction solutions such as design, market research, and project planning. We also provide high-end construction services to ensure that you meet your investment objectives.  

When you use our land development solutions, you can expect:  

  • Friendly, professional service 
  • Compliance to all relevant building codes and safety regulations 
  • Adherence to your project budget and schedule 
  • Honest, upfront pricing in writing 
  • Management of all permits and legal aspects 
  • The use of high-quality building products and materials 
  • Direct communication throughout the project


When it comes to land development, keeping costs as low as possible is crucial to maximizing your return on investment. While we are committed to keeping costs as low as possible, we will always ensure that you receive products and services of the highest quality. 

A Top Land Development Company Arvada  

Land development projects often involve the coordination of various service providers, including engineers, architects, and builders. Because there are so many players involved, there is a risk of miscommunication and delays.  

When you work with Nelson & Son Construction Service, however, we will take care of every aspect of the land development process, from planning through design to general construction services. As a result, there is only one contract and one point of contact and responsibility. 

Land Development Services  

As a land developer, our primary concern is mitigating all risks pertaining to new development. Such a project usually involves the investment of large sums of money, so we do extensive research to ensure that your investment is profitable.  

Our land development services in Arvada consist of a relatively standard process:  

Project Design  

If you already bought the land that you want to develop, we will start with the project design. During this stage, we take your development objectives, measurements of the area, characteristics, and any restrictions such as covenants into account. Our design team works together with our building team, who will eventually carry out the construction.  

Obtaining Entitlements  

After the project design phase, we will move forward by obtaining all the entitlements you need to build a new building on the land or to make changes to an existing property. 

foundation being constructed by Nelson and Son

Construction Plan Draw-up  

When you have the entitlements you need, we can move forward with financing the project, which requires a building plan. This plan has to cover all costs, including the cost of materials, labor, and construction.  

Residential and Commercial Construction  

Once financing is in place, we will start with the construction according to the project design. We will monitor all aspects of the construction project to ensure that it meets the relevant regulations.  

When providing land development services in Arvada, we follow a client-oriented approach. Each client’s situation is unique. We understand that we may have to make changes to the process we follow. If you are still looking for land to buy, you can contact us for a professional recommendation based on your development objectives, market research, and the viability of the property that is on the market. 

Custom Home Construction Contractor in Arvada  

At Nelson & Son Construction Service, land development and wealth maximization have never been easier. We provide land developers with a one-stop design and construction solution to minimize risks, delays, and costs.  

If you need land development services in Arvadacontact Nelson & Son Construction Service today schedule an initial consultation.