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If you’re looking to expand quickly and cost-effectively, Nelson & Son Construction is Denver’s leading steel building contractors. We’re the experts in all things steel whether you need a massive warehouse, extra storage, added office space or simply want more usable square footage for your home or business.

Here the 12 most popular uses for steel building construction:

  1. Oversized Garages
  2. Barns, Stables and Arenas
  3. Aircraft Hangars
  4. Brewery Facilities
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Auto Repair Shop
  7. Churches and Schools
  8. Storage and Warehouses
  9. Retail or Office Space
  10. Gym, Rec or Sports Facilities
  11. Music Venues
  12. Custom Residential

As a building material, steel is a highly versatile option and our steel building contractors can help you design, customize and construct according to your unique needs and budget. We offer a variety of build options, from adding tons of windows and fully insulating the structure, to installing massive doors to accommodate commercial farm equipment. Just name the application, and we’ll make it happen.

Steel buildings are economical for your unique needs and budget
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What Are the Advantages of Steel Building Construction?

Long gone are the days when steel buildings were strictly used for industrial and agricultural purposes. Now, steel construction rivals stick builds with these benefits and more:

  • Quick Finish: On most projects, steel buildings can be built faster than wood-frame structures.
  • Easy to Expand: Steel can easily be modified and square footage added to your original build.
  • Fire & Pest Proof: A material that stands up to fire and termites offers you real peace of mind.
  • Easy to Maintain: All it takes is an occasional hose-down to clean up the building’s exterior.
  • Durable: Steel will bear the brunt of Colorado’s extreme weather and keep going for decades.
  • Flexible: Based on the list above, steel can be used to build just about anything you can imagine.
  • Green Material: Steel is 100% recyclable and can be infinitely reused without losing strength.
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